The importance of integrating video to a marketing strategy

Getting the office excited about your ideas can be difficult if they can’t see the vision you’ve got in your mind’s eye. You can be the most enthusiastic presenter, but without a few visuals aides, your award-winning concept mightn’t be appreciated in full.

The inclusion of video content can boost your audience’s understanding of your concept, and has long since been recognised as a universal medium. So, we thought we’d chuck together a few reasons why we think it’s important.

  1. Social media is king

Social media is the way we all communicate these days – there’s no denying that. Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Vine or whatever, you probably have an online presence somewhere.

In light of this, it’s assumed that your audience will be used to short-form video content, so don’t deny them of their favourite way of consuming information.

  1. Because… science

Make an example of your content – and while you’re at it, why not chuck in a few tasty stats to boot?

  • Sites hosting video content have a two-minute longer dwell time, on average, than those without. And that’s just one page. Larger clients may have millions of pages, and that extra time will stack up real quick.
  • Internet video content will be 80% of all consumer traffic by 2019. Because reading’s for losers.
  • Video generates three times as many monthly view compared to other content.
  • Video produces more confidence in a brand, which is especially important if the brand you’re working is trying to sell or promote something.
  • Think about how many people are consuming content on mobile devices these days, like smartphones and tablets. Watching a two-minute video can deliver lots more information that two-minutes of reading, digesting and understanding.
  1. The waterworks

There’s no two ways of saying this. Evoking an emotional response is easier to do via a visual stimulus than through words and pictures. Think John Lewis, and get those tears rolling. They’ll be eating out the palm of your hand in no time.

  1. Big time saver

If you’re talking about other content you’ve created, but don’t have the time or capacity to send it all out, chuck it all in a highlight reel. Obviously you want to ensure everyone sees the best bits, and as you’ve probably guessed – video is the way to do this.

This can be anything from screenshots of successful pages, to exciting visuals, or even an outlet to exemplify traffic and engagement with a certain demographic. We’ll leave the specifics up to you.

This would be a good opportunity to highlight how helpful annotations and animations can be. If the subject matter of your video is a little dry, there’s certainly space for some helpful visuals, which will help engage your audience. Even if it’s just to accompany a voice over, like we have on out own showreel.

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