Flashlight TV prides itself in being able to showcase some of the world’s most luxurious and famous food and drink brands.

When asked to produce video content for these brands, it is very important that you get it right because you could be their sole marketing strategy to help promote their products.

We bring with us expertise from a variety of creative skillsets for well known established brands, which include Glenmorangie, Moet & Chandon, Molson Coors, Sainsbury’s and many more.

It is important to discuss with your client about where their video promo will be published or broadcast; whom it’s targeted at and what you want it to achieve. Big companies, such as Waitrose and M&S succeed in producing high quality food videos that results in good online traffic because they budget for the outlay in their marketing.

As a corporate and broadcast production company, we work closely with communication and marketing managers of different brands to come up with the sort of look, feel and style of the video. Furthermore, props (textures, colours, kitchenware), lighting, camera lenses, sound (if applicable) need to be thought about in-depth in order to achieve the highest production value possible and to achieve the style that your client wants.

We find food & drink an essential but also an emotional product. We can all relate to food. It’s needless to say that there are copious amounts of food and drink products out there to purchase. Therefore, when it comes to pressing the camera record button we need to make products look sensual, seductive and classy. Flashlight TV uses a variety of cameras to capture that stunning look. The advantage of a Sony FS7 is that it can shoot 240 frames per second. This is great for slow motion filming as it produces ‘mouth-watering’ shots. It just goes to show why this camera is requested the most from our clients.

Lighting and colour scheme play a vital role in contributing to the emotive feel of the piece. For example, using dim lighting and warm colours in the form of lighting filters and/or props helps convey strong emotion such as love, passion, heat, excitement, optimism, romance and power. Black and brown colours also carry similar warm attributes. These are some of the key attributes that we associate with food in a sub-conscious way.

In post-production, colour grading is key to really enhance the colours and contrast of the image to make it look less flat. Colour grading helps you make different colours of the image stand out at different intensity levels to get that desired contrast. This could be the deciding factor on whether brands succeed in their brief so it should be treated seriously. It is the reason why our clients spend a lot of money on the grading process.

It is clear that there are many food and drink brands and products on the market and so it is becoming ever more competitive to be noticed and to stand out. With many years experience working with our clients across all stages of production, we aim to produce high quality, creative and diverse video content that can seduce new customers across all multi-media platforms and to enhance our client’s portfolio.

Watch our food and drink showreel to see a selection of what we have been working on recently.

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