You don’t need a big budget to create an impactful video.

With video becoming such an important marketing tool, it has become more accessible for businesses, small or large. Hiring a production company that understands what you want to achieve from the video is really important. Don’t be afraid to approach a production company with a smaller budget, if you are open and explain what you want to achieve and how much your budget is from the start they will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your budget.


The work behind the scenes is just as important as the shoot day itself. Pre-Production can range depending on what type of video you are creating. If it is a scripted brand signature video, expect a producer to sit down with you beforehand and go through all the details of your company. They will want to fully understand what you want to say and how you want to be portrayed in order to put together a script which suits your company.


The shoot day itself can be a long day. Crew are booked on a 10hour day (from the production companies base) however it isn’t unusual to book crew on longer days such as, 12, 14 and even 16hour days if you have a lot of filming to get through or a lot of travel to do!


Don’t expect a small army to turn up on set…. 

With video becoming more budget friendly, crew members have adapted to be able to do more than just one skill. Most camera operators are qualified to record sound as well as operate the camera, so unless you have a large scale shoot or more than 2 people talking on camera at any one time, expect the camera operator to record the sound.

Always expect a crew of at least 2 people, a camera operator and a producer, this ensures the quality is maintained, unless you have a very limited budget and a simple shoot where you have agreed beforehand with the production company to have a single camera operator / shooting PD (which is commonly know in the broadcast sector as a producer director. A lot of documentaries are shot this way for a variety of reasons, from budget all the way through to access).


After the shoot day, your footage will then go into the edit. The producer will sit down with the editor and go through all the rushes (footage shot on the day). The outline of the video will have been done in the pre-production stages, so when it comes to editing they will have a concept or script to stick to. When it comes to making changes you won’t believe how long a small tweak can take to make. So the production company will want to make sure that the outline is signed off before the shoot even commences to limit the amount of changes that will be needed in the edit.

Receiving your Video 

The file size of a video can be extremely large, so the video will be put onto a video platform, such as Vimeo, for you to view and sign off your video. Once it is approved the final master file will be sent through to you using a file transfer website, such as We Transfer, all you have to do is click download. Nice and simple!

If you have any further questions on video production feel free to get in touch.


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