The Future Of TV Is Now! – Part 1

“The battle of the century fights on and your living room is the front line”. (Source: CNBC News)

In an ever-increasing dynamic world of channels, platforms, devices, and choice technology created a world where the television viewer is firmly in control. For the industry, such vast range of mediums increases the risk and opportunity thus giving rise to both uncertainty and excitement in equal measure. The future of TV is now!

Reports suggest that the UK creative industry is worth over £7 billion and so the media sector is in a well-placed position to exploit the opportunities on a range of multi-media platforms available.


The shift in content distribution

Whatever your views are on the fast growth of different media platforms, content is at the core of what we watch and how we watch it. You need to think ‘outside the box’ as to where to place your video and how to produce it efficiently and not just about the concept. For example, the digital and on-demand distribution platforms requires re-thinking not just about their content but also the distribution of profits between the advertising, subscriptions and content sales.

In the second part of this blog, we will discuss the three variables that threaten the very existence of the television world.

Stay tuned…

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